It is a popular saying that if life gives you a lemon, make lemonade. So, accordingly, I spent my whole life making lemonades. Every problem that I faced in my life, left a remarkable experience, and I get matured a little bit with each experience. Now, I can say proudly that I didn’t turn my hair silver in the sun. I piled up a lot of experience, have hundreds of stories to share. Here are some learnings from my experience

1. Always be a learner

There is no age of learning. This is the era of technology and technology is changing very rapidly. If we talk about the last century, things are started changing in the early 1900s with the invention of the telephone and motor cars. Till 1990, it was approachable for few, but after 1990 to 2020, technology spreads drastically, that it changes everything in our life. It is the need of the hour to upgrade our knowledge continuously to keep pace with technology. Keep on reading, learn to use new software and gadgets, acquire new skills, and use all these learnings in your business as well as in your personal life. You will feel energetic and motivated when you outsmart your younger generation after all we have more experience to our advantage.

2. Never testify Your relationships

All the relationships in our life are based on mutual interest. Never ever examine the relationships otherwise you will be left alone in the whole world.

3. If you want to shorten a line, draw a longer line beside it

Many times your official companions or your social acquaintance try to put you down. How to deal with them? Neither fight nor involve in arguments with them. Ignore them and upgrade yourself. After some time, there is a huge gap between you and them, they are not able to catch you in this lifetime.

4. Universe is an opaque body

Yes, this universe is an opaque body. Everything bounces from it. Whatever you give to others, it returns with accelerated momentum. Even your thoughts have power. Whatever you think for others, will return back to, always keep eye on your thoughts. Think constructive, do good, be happy, and always vibrate positive radiations.

5. Match your frequency

Be generous to everybody but associate only with those who can match your frequency. Low-frequency people suck your energy and high-frequency people dominate you. So, always try to find the people which are equivalent to your energy level. You will feel delighted to be in their company.

6. Time & Energy is very precious

Don’t waste your time & energy on cheap things. Wasting time & energies on insignificant arguments, nonsense TV soaps, fighting on useless topics are very common. Time & Energy both are precious than money. I have seen people fighting in court over petty issues. They spoil all their life in useless ego clashes. You can earn much more by using your time constructively.

7. Take Risk

Rewards are directly proportional to the risk taken. Every risk you have taken in your life gives you a lot either in terms of experience or money. The only person in the world who has not faced the failures is one who never takes the risk. Failures are great opportunities to learn.